“I took the SimplyFit DNA test. It was extremely easy to do the test and the results came back within a few weeks. The results were very informative, providing me with what my overall macro-nutrient ratio, recommended supplements and training intensity split should be based on my DNA markers. This info would have saved me several years of trial and error that I used to get to the same findings myself.
I currently subscribe to the Quantics Kitchen 5-day meal plan which provides me with my personalised macro-nutrients (as determined by the Simply Fit DNA test). The meals are both delicious and provide me with the exact macro nutrients I need to train to my best ability on daily basis.” 
Ollie Graham

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner

“Love it! Foods Brilliant! Energy throughout the day is better than ever.”


Personal Trainer

“The meals they offer are tasty and great! Love the beef and fish dishes.”


Fitness & Martial Arts Enthusiast

“I purchased the Bio Force HRV System from Biorna Quantics. This system measures heart rate variability, which is a measure of stress levels in the body. I use my daily and trend HRV levels to guide how hard to push myself in training each day which allows me to periodise my training and recovery. I’m also amazed at how over the past year of tracking, the system has identified stress in my body BEFORE I’m about to get sick! This information is extremely useful in planning my daily activity program.”


Martial Arts Practitioner

“Makes a huge difference with food being prepared according to my macronutrient ratio”


Personal Trainer

“Beautiful food, great combination of ingredients and flavours. Love the beef, walnut and blueberries combo.”


Operations Manager

“I had a consultation with Biorna Quantics and their practitioner certainly knows his stuff. It’s refreshing to meet one with a realistic and comprehensive view on health”


Fitness Practitioner

“I absolutely loved the food! Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Everything was perfect, the taste, quantity and quality…. I didn’t get to workout on my stay there but still maintained my muscle mass and strength. You’ll have increased my expectations. Thank you once again!”


Fitness Enthusiast

“The meals are absolutely in very high quality, well-prepared, tasted really good! Personally I am still not getting used to the flavors of rosemary, cajon, cumin, herbs, spices etc. But it’s just personal preference since I used to prep my meal with salt or little pepper only.  No complaint on any of the meals at all.  Still getting used to the taste of the smoothies compared to those average protein drinks. It’ll be awesome if the meals are in vacuum pack so that they could be kept in the fridge longer. “

LH Leung