Heavy Metals DMPS Challenge

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A highly-effective and easy-to-do chelation challenge urine test to determine the body’s burden of the four heavy metals that are the largest threat to human health—as identified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

2,3 Dimercapto-1-propanesulfphonic acid sodium salt (DMPS), is an oral chelating agent. It forms complexes with toxic metal ions, which are readily excreted in the urine. DMPS has been shown capable of inducing metals urinary excretion proportional to total body burden.

The most commonly encountered toxic metals (mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic) are natural constituents of the earth’s crust, but their increasing abundance in air water and surface soil results primarily from industrial demand and energy production. Individual variability in susceptibility to these toxic elements is determined in part by genetic polymorphisms, nutritional status and the total toxic load.



  • An easy-to-do urine test (2 x daily; 3 hours) with DMPS capsule to identify the body’s burden of mercury, arsenic, cadmium & lead.
  • DMPS has been demonstrated to be the most effective chelation agent.
  • The best available method to estimate the level of retention of toxic metals in the body is urine analysis after administration of a DMPS chelating agent.
  • The revolutionary Biorna EngineTM provides you personalised nutritional, supplement and lifestyle interventions, with Biorna ProfessionalTM support. 


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