Complete Metals DMPS Challenge

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An easy-to-do urine test and DMPS chelation challenge for effectively testing the body’s stores of a total 28 essential metals and toxic metals.

2,3 Dimercapto-1-propanesulfphonic acid sodium salt (DMPS), is an oral chelating agent. It forms complexes with toxic metal ions, which are readily excreted in the urine. DMPS has been shown capable of inducing metals urinary excretion proportional to total body burden.

DMPS challenge testing is effective for the mobilisation and excretion of a broad range of metals including mercury (organic/inorganic), copper, lead, arsenic, nickel, tin, tungsten, cadmium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, chromium, aluminum and zinc. The full listing of 28 metals covered by this test includes it is essential we have adequate nutritional intake of for optimal bodily function, as well as those metals that are toxic to us and enter via many natural and man-made sources.



  • Identify the body’s stores of 28 metals—both essential and toxic.
  • An easy-to-do urine test (2 x daily; 3 hours) with oral application of a DMPS capsule.
  • DMPS has been demonstrated to be the most effective chelation agent and best testing method available to estimate the level of retention of metals in the body.
  • The revolutionary Biorna EngineTM provides you personalised nutritional, supplement and lifestyle interventions, with Biorna ProfessionalTM.


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