Complete Fatty Acid Profile

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Optimal fatty acid levels including omega-3, omega-6 and trans fatty acids are correlated with improved metabolism, greater longevity, lower disease risks, and great benefits for cognitive function.



The Omega-3 Index is the result of Dr. William Harris’s 30 years of research in fatty acids and cardiovascular disease. The Omega-3 Index is a measure of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA+DHA, in red blood cells, which relates to risk for heart disease.

Why measure your Omega-3 Index?

  • Omega-3s are important for heart, brain, joint health and metabolism.
  • Most people have low levels of omega-3s in their blood.
  • Low levels of omega-3s are related to increased risk for fatal heart attack, depression, and possibly dementia.
  • Blood levels of omega-3s can be improved by simple dietary changes.
  • The only way to know your blood level of omega-3s is by measuring it, with the Omega-3 Index.

Trans fat levels in your blood are directly linked to how much trans fat you eat. Levels of trans fats in the food supply are constantly changing so it difficult to know how much you are eating. Find out your Trans Fat Index today!

Why measure your Trans Fat Index?

  • Trans fats in your blood come from trans fats in food.
  • Many people have high levels of trans fats in their blood.
  • High levels of trans fats are related to increased risk for heart disease.
  • Blood levels of trans fats can be reduced by simple dietary changes.
  • The only way to know your blood level of trans fats is by measuring it with the Trans Fat Index.

Why our test?

  • Over 1,000,000 people have measured their Omega-3 Index
  • Has been used in large NIH-funded population studies
  • Uses novel “dried blood spot” technology
  • Simple and safe: Only need 1 drop of blood!
  • Hassle-free: Send dried blood spot through regular mail and receive results via email


 Simply collect the sample with our easy-to-do kit (<10mins, 1 x one-day), and return it for lab processing (7-10days). We then provide you with comprehensive self-explanatory, which includes a table of commonly consumed fish and how much EPA and DHA each provides per serving.


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