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Nutrition Nation HK are a team of internationally certified “lifestyle nutritionists”, who are dedicated to transform the health and lifestyle of clients in Hong Kong by providing individuals and families with food education, meal planning, shopping guidance, and ongoing nutritional advice tailored to each and every person.

Lifestyle nutrition goes beyond the standard nutrition consultation and connects a certified understanding for different body and metabolic types with a very modern approach.

The team currently includes 3 certified Nutritionists and 1 Health Coach.

Specialist areas include: Tailor made menu plans, post pregnancy weight loss, sports nutrition, family and children nutrition, low sugar lifestyle, stress management, DNA testing, nutritional and lifestyle balance, food intolerances, nutritional optimization and general nutrition.


Tanja Guigon-Rech | Nutritionist

Tanja is a certified nutritionist.  Born in Germany, Tanja originally started her career in hotel management where she spent a number of year’s working in an international hotel group. In her spare time, she spent over 10 years in a swimming team participating in competitions in her region. Having lived in Hong Kong since 2008, Tanja noticed the lack of food knowledge and education, poor lifestyle choices, and crash diets that existed in Hong Kong.  This on-going issue in Hong Kong has lead to generations of individuals being unaware of the choices they are making, and the impact these choices will have on their long-term health. Tanja’s goal is to educate a nation, creating sustainable, high quality lifestyles and balance.