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Asia’s premier centre for total health and fitness. Based in Central Hong Kong Joint Dynamics offers a multitude of services under the one roof enabling a fully integrated service.



Physiotherapy and premium rehabilitation

With a team of professionals coordinating patient treatment, results have been profound. The highly effective nature of clinical staff working with rehabilitation specialist personal trainers enables precision treatment and results. Expertise ranges from acute scoliosis to Gait Analysis asymmetries with our team having extensive and varied skills.


Massage and Stretch therapy

With the only certified Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Active release technique (ART) specialist in Hong Kong working along side premium massage and body work practitioners Joint Dynamics treats from acute pain relief to pre and post natal massage. With our sports performance specialists having treated numerous professional athletes, the physiology insight is peerless.


Personal training

With decades of experience both lecturing and teaching in the field of fitness and programming, our Director of training (Andrew Cox FAFS) borrows heavily from the world leading Gray Institute in the application of 3D movement and functional fitness. His team of diversely skilled and highly qualified trainers provide a sustainable and highly effective service. Results driven without the grunt and count hype!


Performance testing

Measurement is key to improvement. Qualified in the Gray Institutes world leading movement assessment (3DMAPS) our staff map the body for disfunction. With articulate knowledge of biomechanics we test… program… strengthen… and test again. In addition to functional movement we are Asia’s leading Gait Analysis (running analysis/coaching) facility. Whether its a VO2 max test or blood lactate thresholds we can test it, and then program to make you stronger, faster and more efficient.