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CCW Global Limited is a leading independent insurance brokerage headquartered in Hong Kong.

Founded in 2012 to provide traditional broking services to meet the diverse insurance needs of the Hong Kong populace, CCW offers a client focused approached matched by few other insurance intermediaries in the APAC region.

Providing a range of comprehensive coverage solutions, CCW is able to cater to a wide range of risk-prevention requirements, and ensures that all clients are treated with the respect and consideration they deserve. This bespoke approach to broking means that all customers are able to engage with a single point of contact throughout their insurance journey without having to navigate endless phone systems or interact with employees who simply don’t speak a customer’s language.

From individual protection options, through to comprehensive coverage for Multi-national Corporations and SME’s, CCW Global works to provide insurance solutions which meet the exact needs of customers – with conversations rather than sales pitches, clients are always empowered to make the decision on which products are right for them, with the confidence that should they need their policy it will be able to provide real assistance.

Comprehensive Protection in a Single Location

CCW Global focuses on risk management – this means that the company does not offer investment linked products or long term saving plans. Helping customers to protect themselves against the dangers of everyday life, CCW offers comprehensive solutions for:

  • Health Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Maid Insurance
  • Home and Collections Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Coverage
  • Cyber and Digital Risk Protection
  • Employee Compensation Solutions
  • Business Insurance Packages
  • Term Life Cover
  • And Many More!

With over 60 years’ experience in the Hong Kong and Asian insurance markets, CCW Global provides expert advice coupled with in-depth local knowledge to simplify the process of finding suitable protection – no matter what.