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BIORNA QUANTICS brings a radical new wave of quantitative wellness and performance technologies to Asia-Pacific. Our truly unique individual-specific approach is for knowledge-hungry persons, families, and athletes wanting the world’s best available cutting-edge science and rigorous methodologies to become optimal in their endeavors and everyday wellbeing. Dr Justin P Gregory, MSc(Oxon), DPhil, has assembled a range of easy-to-do DNA, hormonal, food antibody, dietary analysis, and metabolic laboratory tests, and technology for quantitative daily measures—all of which can be done at home, at work, or in the comfort of our offices—offered in combination with a bespoke meal delivery system, consultation services and workshops. Through these protocols we analyse and tailor your diet, life habits, and exercise programming with matchless scientific precision to suit and inform you—the unique you. We provide you the world’s finest toolkit and support to seek out and realize the optimal you.

Dr Justin Gregory, MSc(Oxon), DPhil

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


A Postdoctoral Associate at Oxford University (2014 to present), Justin held the position of Research Associate Professor at Fuller School of Psychology (USA, 2012-14), and was a consultant for quantitative methodology at Oxford University (UK, 2009-11). Justin holds a doctorate (DPhil Anthropology) from Oxford University, and is published author of several high-impact academic papers, and has presented at many international conferences in Europe, America, and Asia. Experience includes hosting many workshops and seminars in several East-West exchange contexts, and as an academic researcher the conducting of several large-scale experimental studies with subjects in the UK, China, and Hong Kong SAR.

As an athlete, Justin was a black belt judo player and member of British Judo Squads 2007-08, 2008-09. He was an Oxford University funded athlete (2008-09), Oxford University Blues Captain 2008-09, and 3-times Full Blue for sporting achievement at national and international level. Others sporting achievements include IBJJF Pan-American Champion 2013, and bronze medal at HK National Powerlifting Championships 2017.

Justin views his venture into preventative health and optimal performance as the perfect marriage his academic career as quantitative researcher and his time as a national athlete—few people are so lucky as to make their passions their working life.

Mike Boyle

Chief Culinary Advisor

“I want my clients to have natural, full-flavored food that provides a rich sensory experience, and also happens to be mightily healthy and uniquely bespoke.”  No stranger to the hustle and bustle of the F&B industry, Mike has acquired a wealth of culinary experience through world-renowned eateries such as Bouchon Las Vegas, Company American Bistro and at Bradley Ogden. Well versed in contemporary cuisine, he was classically trained by Thomas Keller—the only American chef to hold multiple three Michelin star ratings at the same time. Hong Kong is familiar with Mike’s taste bud tingling masterpieces, most recently found at LKF landmark eatery, Bistecca Italian Steak House. He’s also well known for dreaming up unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth and delightfully textured creations, during his time as head chef at AVA Restaurant Slash Bar. As head chef for Rhombus International Hotels Group in Hong Kong, Mike oversaw every aspect of the group’s dining concepts.   Mike graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, and certified as a personal trainer at the fresh age of eighteen. Chef Mike is determined to enrapture Hong Kong with a whole new world of healthy eating, tailored to the specific requirements of the individual.  

Pascale Bertoli, MA (PhD Candidate)

Psychologist & Stress Counselor


Pascale is a French-born, English and French speaking counseling therapist and professional coach. She is a long-term resident of Hong Kong and has practiced counseling psychology and coaching in Hong Kong and the United States since 2008.

She is a seasoned, third-cultured expatriate who has lived in the Asia-Pacific and North American regions for over 25 years. She has vast experience in most international and relocation issues, and offer counseling and coaching services to clients from various walks of life.  She specialize in issues of trauma, acute stress and burnout, workplace and interpersonal conflict,  life transition issues & domestic relations, such as divorce, separation and sexuality.

She studied EMDR under Dr. John Hartung, PsyD., one of the founders and early program coordinators at the EMDR International Association (USA). She also trained in a Mindfulness program, MBB, under the supervision of Dr. Stanley Block, MD,  its originator.

She was a competitive athlete most of her youth, and she has a life-long interest in matters of sports performance and health and wellness. She is a certified yoga therapist, and practiced mindfulness and meditation from an early age. She spends her spare time on outrigger canoes, or white water rafting and kayaking, climbing rock faces, hiking in high altitude, and  more generally, enjoying the outdoors with her two teenage Eurasian kids.  

Dr Ken Chu, BSc, ND (Can)

Programs Director

Dr. Kenneth J. Chu is a naturopathic doctor in Hong Kong and board member of the Integrated Association of Naturopaths HK, IANHK.  Ken uses an eclectic and holistic healing approach, using a mix of clinical nutrition and botanical medicine to address the root cause of a patient’s concern(s).  He has sub-specialties are in sports medicine, pediatrics, and gastroenterology.

After his Bachelors degree from the University of Alberta, Ken graduated in 2006 from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto.  Ken has further education in advanced clinical nutrition, attending workshops and courses from around the world. Furthermore, Ken has continued training from the sports medicine rotation at CCNM and has treated many athletes, including some of Canada’s best Olympians and amateur MMA athletes.

After moving to Hong Kong 7 years ago, Ken continues his work in naturopathic medicine.  His scope at Biorna involves seeing patients, R&D, and designing training modules and seminars for practitioners and wellness clinics throughout Asia.

Doug Rumsam

Board Advisor


Doug launched the first overseas office for Wine Merchant, BI Fine Wines, in 2007 and oversaw a 30X turnover growth during his tenure, elevating the business to one of the leading traders of wine in Asia. He managed expansion into Singapore and lead business development into China.

Doug is still involved as a Director for BI, but spends his time split between his family, investing and his own entrepreneurial projects as well. His focus is on food, drink and health and with a focus on sustainability and innovation. He lives in Hong Kong with his wife and two children.